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5th grade student Joe Hilko holding the 1953 New York 1st prize winners for Pickerel. Sheridan R. Jones on a fishing trip into the Ozarks. Joe Hilko and daughter Katelyn with several 20-ich Brown Trout.

Freshwater fishing Secrets now Revealed!

In a book on America's pioneer Outdoorsman

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A generation spanning World War I, the Roaring 20's, and the Great Depression
was informed by Sheridan R. Jones's legendary fishing articles
on technique, strategies, lures, species and preservation.
This confidential information is now brought together for you, in one volume.
But that's not all.

In "The Life and Legend of Sheridan R. Jones", by Joseph Hilko,
you will also be treated to the unwrapping of the mystery of
the great angler himself.

Author Joseph Hilko
offers you a pinpoint distillation of the genius of Sheridan R. Jones:

This information is so rare and valuable that
when Sheridan Jones finally stopped publishing,
he was lamented in the press as "the man who suddenly dropped off the face of the earth"!
Where did he go? What did he do next?
This too will be revealed.

The enigma of the ultimate fisherman, and all his secrets.
You cannot afford to miss this profusely illustrated master work,
offering unique insight into American fishing.

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Softcover, 120 pages

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by James A. Cox

Sheridan R. Jones (1881-1956) was to fishing lures what Henry Ford was to automobile production. Fishing editor of Outer's Recreation Magazine in the 1910's through the 1920's, Jones helped to create a fishing and camping culture for America's growing middle class. His endorsement was avidly sought by manufacturers of fishing and camping equipment. His articles extolling the joys and challenges of fishing were exceedingly popular with public. Upon his death he had the largest colleciton of fishing lures in private hands. "The Life and Legend of Sheridan R. Jones: America's Pioneering Outdoor Writer and His Search for the Perfect Fishing Lure" is the story of this leading figure of early twentieth-century American fishing, including his pioneering contributions and enduring legacy to recreational fishing that continue to this very day. Profusely illustrated throughout with color photography, this work is deftly written and thoroughly reader-friendly, making it an ideal acquisition."